Do goldfish need a heater ?

Do goldfish need a heater ?

Do goldfish need a heater

They can survive without one but if needed then it becomes useful.There are some goldfish, especially those with small bodies ,they do not need high temperature.They survive well in low temperatures.Other goldfish do not tolerate temperatures below 50° F due to issues with blood clotting. To keep the temperature of the tank constant,then a heater is not needed.


A heater is needed in exception where the tank is freezing cold in winter season.A heater is not suitable for huge tanks.One of the reasons why goldfish do not need a heater is because they are cold water species and does well at room temperatures.


The goldfish tank temperature

There are some fish as stated at the beginning of this article which fancy very cold temperatures while others like fancy goldfish are slightly suitable for warm temperature.


Aquarium thermometer is an instrument used to measure  the temperature of water in the tank.The aquarium temperature is in three types namely; 


  1. One that sticks inside the tank
  2. One that sticks outside the tank and
  3. The digital thermometer.


A thermometer which floats on water is preferable as compared to others though they are all accurate.


What is the best goldfish tank temperature?


The correct temperature for your tank depends with your intention,is it to breed your goldfish or not. If your intention is to breed your goldfish, then,you can replicate the temperature changes occurring naturally.Lowering the temperature of your tank  during winter season to around 20°C /54°F encourages your goldfish to lay eggs.To induce breeding,t hen the water temperature should be raised to between 20°C/68°F and 23°C /74°F.


What of Non-breeding tank temperature?If you dislike breeding your fish then you are advised to keep your tank at a steady temperature. The tank temperature of around 23°C/74°F effectively encourages good growth rates in your fish.


You are cautioned never to place your tank in direct sunlight or near radiators. This is to allow your water temperature to remain below 27°C/80° F level. Any temperature warmer than this will stress your fish. Goldfish survives in water that is nearly freezing cold ,thus,keep your tank temperature above 18°C /65°F for stronger growth. Fortunately,at optimal temperature,there are no sudden changes in temperature of the tank.Sudden changes in temperature can stress your fish too or cause some illnesses such as swim bladder.


Temperature is another consideration when choosing other fish to live with goldfish.Go for goldfish tank mate compatible with the temperature range as well as the conditions of other tanks.


What of the air supply? Whenever your goldfish water gets warmer/hotter,then you should realise that there is a reduction in the level of oxygen in water. Since Oxygen is vital for your goldfish,get noted that your tank will require adequate aeration system. The adequate aeration system gives water an additional air. Tanks with large surface area are recommended for use than the tall tanks which have poor surface area to volume ratio.


The best Heater for goldfish tanks


Goldfish lives in a cold water habitat but fancy goldfish are delicate, with weak immune system which needs slightly warm temperature.If not, the fish becomes more stressed.


The goldfish are prone to bacteria infections and lower tolerance to disease.Mid-high temperature of 70 to 80° F is efficient to allow retainance off of dissolved oxygen in the water.These temperatures are good for the growth of goldfish.If your tank isn’t that warm, then you need to get a heater.


The heaters are only best for stabilising tank temperatures,the tanks that hold 20 gallons of water and below.


After all these descriptions,there are different heater types although not all of them functions very well.Some of them doesn’t retain the temperature, others are not durable and whatsoever.To replace these delicate heaters when they fail becomes abit expensive.


You should also be aware that a failed heater is dangerous.If it explodes in water,it may end up exploding the whole tank as well.


Among those other heaters;

Therefore, Fluval M line heater qualifies to be the best heater ever.The heater is of high quality compared to the China mades.Fluval M line heater is a 16 point quality standard heater made in Europe . It’s made with a blue indicator which helps you detect when it is heating or not.The heater’s dial is easy to turn and also holds the required temperature better.


Fluval heater comes in sizes if;


  • Up to 15 gallons
  • Up to 30 gallons
  • Up to 45 gallons and
  • Up to 65 gallons



Is the number of watts essential?


The  number optimum number of Watts ought to be 3-5 watts per gallon of water.More Watts may be required to keep the water stable if it’s temperature is very cold.


In the case where the size of the heater is small,it causes stressful temperature fluctuations more so doing during the spring and fall.


If goldfish in a tank doesn’t require a heater,only at rare cases,what of goldfish living in ponds?


Researchers have found out that common goldfish, which are small-bodied are comfortable in cold water, regardless of whether it has ice on its top or not.


As soon as water drops below 50°F ,the fish becomes dormant,eats less,and also behave in a sluggish manner.Slim-bodied goldfish will still be fine so long as the water doesn’t freeze solid.


A de-icer is useful where the pond is in danger of freezing solid.It prevents the pond from turning into a block of ice and helps with water oxygenation.Instead of keeping your water warm,the de-icer ensures there is a hole in the ice to allow an exchange of water and air.The de-icer is affordable and if paired with a thermostat heater ,they help to save the electricity.


Fancy goldfish kept in a pond require a heater to keep the water at an efficient temperature ,above 50° F and at an optimum of 60° F during the winter season.Heaters help to prevent the fancy goldfish’s health problems in winter times.