Do goldfish need a filter

Do goldfish need a filter ?

Do goldfish need a filter for their tank ?

if you have bee wondering, ” do goldfish need a filter ? ” The answer is yes. For a goldfish to live a long and healthy life, a filter is very necessary. There are canister filters for traditional tanks, goldfish bowls and decoration containers.  It’s always good to include in one in your tank a filter. You have to be aware that since goldfish eat a lot and hence they produce a lot of waste too to pollute the water.

Surprisingly, goldfish have got no stomach. Instead,they have intestines twice the length of their body. This gives them difficult time to digest proteins,hence,they just release them before they are fully digested. At l last,they remove much waste that break down into ammonia. Goldfish go to an extent of removing their waste through the gills and ventricles.

The water has to be filtered for it not to poison the fish.One reason as to why filters are so important is because it helps to keep the water in good condition for q longer time. Filters also gives the

 water oxygen.

You may also be curious to find out how long can goldfish live without a filter;

The lifespan of goldfish without a filter is not determined by the size of the bowl. Even if you put your fish in a large bowl and do proper maintenance and care, this probably won’t increase their age. Fish without a filter can live approximately 2 to 3 years in a small bowl. Goldfish in a filtered water lives up to 40 years.The great gap in years  proves why goldfish needs a filter.


Filtration is done in three ways;

1 Mechanical filtration-It involves the use of fine material. For this case,it is usually a32 sponge or a piece of cloth made of polyester.The sponge and polyester cloth prevents solid particles from entering the filtration areas.It also helps to keep the water clean.

The challenge with mechanical filtration is that,the filter needs to be cleaned regularly,after one or two weeks. Letting the solid particles to pile up causes your nitrates to get too high that it may make your fish to be sick.


2 Biological filtration– This filtration provides room for the growth of good bacteria which reduces the toxins produced by your fish.The bacteria keeps the fish safe in the water changes.Failure to use this filtration type results ammonia and nitrate spikes which are poisonous to your fish.


3 Chemical filtration- It uses natural elements to purify the water through the process known as detoxification.This process detoxifies the toxic chemicals as they pass through it.

Chemical filtration is recommended for use when adding small fish to to the tank or bowl where either ammonia or nitrites levels can be concentrated.

The method used in this filtration is by use of charcoal which removes tannins in the water that may cause brownish discoloration.

Carbon does not remove nitrates.It deactivates the hormones of the fish in the water.


The five best filters for the goldfish

Goldfish has to be kept safe without any harm.Therefore,you have to chose the right filter you think it’s suitable.A good filter maximizes the stocking capacity and fully reduces your water change activities. Penn Plax Canister is the best filter. Although it is quite pricey. The surest thing is that it provides your goldfish with the highest quality water compared to the other four filters.

Since goldfish health is far better than regular cleaning of the filter, canister filters can be used. To get the best filter,find out the one with large volume of filter media than the Walmart special with small blue filter cartridges.In other words,go for Aquaclear filter.

Finding out the filter size is as well viable.A better filter should atleast have 4 times cycle per hour.For instance,with a 55 gallon tank go for a filter rated at 220 gallons hourly.

The five best filters in regard to size,shape and price includes;

1. Fluval Power filter


It is effective in reduction of ammonia and nitrites.The wet or dry trickle is useful in  maximization of the oxygen being exchanged and also allows the removal of nitrates.


Fluval Power filter is cheap, convenient and inconspicuous.It accepts both of the three filtration processes , that is, chemical, biological and mechanical filtrations.


The trickle media enables the exposure of media to oxygen and water at the same time to easen it’s work with the submerged media.


Fluval filter reduces the time between filter cleanings and prevent dirty mulms building up in the filtration media.It’s this dirty mulms which may make your fish sick.


This filter fits up to 30,50 and 70 gallon tanks.


2 Penn Plax Cascade Canister filter


This is the most powerful filter.Its large with enough space and able to fit any tank ranging from 30 to 200 gallons.The filter is effective for highly stocked Aquariums.Water runs from the aquarium down to the underneath filter and again back into the aquarium.


Large rooms in the tank gives your fish enough room for swimming.Penn Plax is affordable and reduces nitrates in the aquarium.The only disadvantage is that it doesn’t hold the debris.


Sponge prefilter prevents waste from piling up underneath the water.

Penn Plax has to be kept clean by being washed after every 6 months.Within one or two weeks, just wring the sponge out.

3 EShops wet/dry sump filter system


It’s also known as wet-dry filter, trickle filter or sump.It has got powerful biological filtration which increases stocking density potential.Goldfish keepers prefer using this filter for healthy fish than buying too many filters to perform the filtration.


Wet-dry filter types are ; the above the tank and under the tank.In above the tank set up,water is pumped from the tank into the tray above the tank and trickles over different layers of filtration media.


The sizes of sumps are:


10-75 gallons

75-125 gallons

125-225 gallons 

And up to 400 gallons.


4 Penn Plax undergravel filter


These are non-outdated and suitable filters.Undergravel filters are good for filtering goldfish aquarium.The filter is cheap,it doesn’t stress the fish with excess current and as well,it has the large surface area.Large surface area supports the growth of important bacteria unlike other filters.


5 Hikari Bacto-surge High Density Sponge filter


Buyers prefer this filter because it’s long-lasting Sponge doesn’t disintegrate quickly when you squeeze.It is also the best for the small and delicate fish.


Since it has a large surface area,sponge filters pull water through the sponge using an air pump.


Hikari filters reduce nitrates in the water, it’s simple and doesn’t require regular cleaning.The filter is lovable because it has high water aeration.