40 gallon breeder tank

40 Gallon Breeder Tank

Best 40 Gallon Breeder Tank – A Complete Guide – UPDATED 2020

A 40 gallon breeder Tank has a lot of Advantages when it comes to Breeding fish which is not a not a simple task! It involves a lot of skill and time to understand what conditions are best suited for your fish to reproduce and how you can maintain the right environment for breeding. This can be particularly difficult if you don’t have prior experience with fish breeding. 

Those who are looking to try it in big tanks would want 40-gallon breeder tanks. These tanks can accommodate a variety of fish, both freshwater and marine species. In this guide, we discuss everything you need to know about breeder tanks and review the best options available. 

40 Gallon Breeder Tanks – What are They?

A 40 gallon breeder tank offers a large space ideal for breeding a variety of species including reef and tropical fishes. It can be used as either a species-specific tank or a common breeding ground. You don’t need a big tank like 40 gallons to breed small fish but if the space is bigger, the fish will be happier. 40 gallon breeder tanks are popularly used to breed large species of fish. Such a tank offers sufficient space to breed fish like Cichlids, Guppies, Giant Betta Fish, Clownfish or Plecos. Not just fish, this type of tank offers the perfect environment for invertebrates as well. 

A breeder tank is essentially an aquarium with a lower profile as compared to traditional ones to give the breeder an easy access to the fish. This type of tank is often long and narrow or square-shaped. The average dimension of a 40 gallon breeder tank is 36 inches of length and 18 inches height. The distance between the front and the back is about 16 inches. A glass breeder tank would weight about 55 pounds while an acrylic tank with the same dimensions would weigh anywhere between 20 to 25 pounds. 

Best 40 Gallon Breeder Tanks – UPDATED 2020

Here are some of the best choices for 40 gallon breeder tanks and a brief overview on each of them, along with their features, pros and cons. 

Aqueon 40 Gallon Breeder Tank

The perfect choice for breeders who want a tank-only aquarium to be able to add their own equipment, the 40 gallon tank from Aqueon suits enthusiasts of any level, from novice to experts. It is constructed using high-quality, sturdy glass and features smooth silicone edges to protect against leakage. 

This solid, durable tank would make an amazing breeder aquarium. Aqueon is a popular brand in the industry, known for offering tanks in a variety of styles and sizes. The 40 gallon tank is available in two color options – oak trim and black. It also comes with a brace across the center to prevent the glass from bowing. The tank has dimensions – 36 x 18 x 16 inches.

Marineland 40 Gallon Tank Breeder

Marineland is known for producing superior quality aquariums and the 40 gallon breeder from the brand is a great example of its craftsmanship. Perfect for home as well as office, this glass tank has a black frame encapsulating the structure to provide a modern yet simplistic touch. It is a great choice for beginners as it packs a good value in a comprehensive package. It is a worthy investment for casual aquarists interested in freshwater or marine setups. Its special use of distortion-free glass provides lifetime durability and reliability. 

Silicone-sealed top prevents any capillary action. It is perfect for saltwater as well as freshwater applications and can be used with canister filters as well as hang-on tank filters. 

SeaClear 40 Gallon Acrylic Aquarium

A value-for-money offering by SeaClear, this 40 gallon aquarium is 36 inches wide, 15 inches long and 16 inches high and is made out of acrylic in a rectangular shape. It is designed to provide the strength and support without any shattering, unlike the glass tanks. 

This tank is constructed keeping multiple purposes in mind and is aimed to suit marine, salt, reef and freshwater setups. What makes this tank different from others is the special bow-shaped front that offers a convex shape for viewing. This allows you to keep a watch on eggs and breeding. The invisible seams add to the great view it already offers. 

Top Fin 40 Gallon Hooded Aquarium

This is another amazing choice for a 40 gallon glass tank that offers a lightweight and compact setup ideal for use on a table. The tank dimensions are 36 x 18 x 16 inches and it has a sleek black frame that provides support to make it sturdy. It also comes with a center bracing to avoid any glass bowing. This glass aquarium is versatile and suits saltwater, freshwater and reptilian applications.

It comes in a standard rectangular shape and is made up of high-quality glass. It also features a black-trimmed hood and other accessories available separately. The Top Fin aquarium is certainly a great choice for anybody looking for a sturdy breeder tank. 

SeaClear 40 Gallon Aquarium Kit

Another high-quality, 40 gallon rectangular tank with excellent value, the SeaClear aquarium has dimensions 36 x 15 x 16 inches, making it suitable for even small sizes. This tank is quite versatile and ideal for marine, freshwater and reef setups and is a highly preferred choice among aquarists. 

This kit includes some extras with the tank like a hood, power filter, fluorescent lighting, net, plastic plants, water conditioning and fish food to make it a complete package for beginners. This kit is a value for money and provides all you need to get started with breeding. Even experienced breeders can consider this tank due to its price and inclusions that make it a reasonable option. 

40 Gallon Breeder Tank Setup

When it comes to breeder tanks, the process of setting them up is a little different from other aquariums. Firstly, you clean the tank with water to get rid of any dust. The next steps depend on the species you want to breed in the tank. Some of the most important parts of any breeder setup are the heater, filtration system, lighting and substrate. 

Breeding tanks require adjustments in conditions from time to time. When you add the substrate, see that it does not have any sharp edges that hurt the fish. Next, you can choose the decorations according to the fish you are breeding. While some species need a lot of free space and a soft substrate, others may prefer a densely planted tank with a lot of rock to breed.

Once you are done with these, you can install a filter and heater. The way you do this depends on the equipment you use. Internal filters have only power cable while external filters need plumbing inside the tank. Then, you fill the tank with water, deciding the level to suit your species. Some fish require shallow level for breeding and then an increase later. Next, you can install a hood with lighting. Some hoods even with lamp attached. Once the tank is set up, you can switch on your equipment and allow a few weeks before adding the fish into the tank.