What are aquarium air stones?

What are aquarium air stones?

Commonly, the air stone is also called an aquarium bubbler. The air stone is actually one of the most essential pieces of furniture in any aquarium. The prime work of air stone is providing dissolved air in fish tanks or an aquarium. Normally, the air stones are made up of limewood or porous stones. These are quite cheap and tiny devices that effectively draw out the air in the water and also remove the noise too. Also, they avoid the big bubbles that are a common sight in many conventional air filtration systems. 

How does the aquarium air stone work?

The water in a tank usually requires to be revolved and this is what perfectly an air stone does. When the air stone is linked to an air pump outside a tank, it begins to produce small bubbles. Within a matter of seconds, those small bubbles are filled with the oxygen that would progressively fill up a tank. These bubbles are actually produced by an air stone that not only fills a tank with oxygen but also it supports mixing the water too. When the bubbles increase towards a surface, the water near a substrate is lifted to a top. When this process keeps on reiterating, the water present in a tank is effectively rotated.

Advantages of air stones in an aquarium

Normally, the water in a tank is not being rotated, rather it is simply by seeing at its surface. If you notice that the surface of the water in your fish tank is undistributed, you can ensure that the water is not being rotated sufficiently. To have a good understanding of the advantages of the air stone, initially, you want to understand the advantages of water movement in a fish aquarium. Below are some of the major benefits of rotation or water movement that includes:

Physical activity

In a tiny environment like a small aquarium, the fishes do not even obtain sufficient room for energetic swimming and their motions are somewhat controlled. But, when there is sufficient water circulation, they simply obtain a needed quantity of physical activity required for their development and also to improve their muscles too. Usually, the water rotation provides a little bit of conflict and this could be actually more beneficial for the fishes.

Great filtration

As previously discussed, the water movement greatly assists in eliminating gases like nitrogen, methane, and sulphur into the environment. As more oxygen is pumped into a tank, the biological filtration becomes more effective, when the water movement does not enable the deadly wastes to settle at the bottom of the tank. Without even accurate water rotation, metabolic waste, mucus, toxins, and other equivalent organic wastes will collect on the corals. As a consequence, the ridge filtration becomes very much tougher, and also the water becomes very gloomy within a short period of time. At present, you have completely learned about the circulation of water and you may have understood how essential the air stone is. If you are searching for worth for quality and money, you cannot even go wrong with a tetra undertone. They are less than $10, they seem great and also they are durable in almost every tank. They also guarantee to perform live by their name of undertone.

Do I really want an air stone in an aquarium tank?

No matter, whether you have a filter in your aquarium tank or not, fixing an air stone makes the circulation of water even better. Adding an air stone will always keep the water much cleaner and give more oxygen to the fishes. Moreover, it has included plenty of health benefits for aquatic life too. Even, this air stone is very cheap and will not even create a hollow in your wallet. 

What are the different kinds of air stones available?

The air stones are now available in different sizes and shapes. Even though the air stones are completely made for similar purposes and some might be greatly suited for the specific kind of tank. On the other hand, not the entire air stones will be an accurate fit for the entire forms of tanks. Below are the different kinds of air stones that you can select such as:

Aluminum oxide

There is not much difference between aluminum oxide stones and silica stones in terms of performance. When it comes to durability, aluminum oxide stones are a wonderful choice. These stones are capable of withstanding several years of usage and tough cleaning as well. However, these kinds of stones are majorly utilized in the bigger or industrial ponds. But, the aluminum oxide stones are not suggested for usage in glass aquariums; because of their hard surface. These can scratch and vibrate the glass that will lead to the growth of cracks. 


This kind of air stone is the most common one that you will discover mostly in aquarium stores. It is also available in multiple sizes from one inch up to twelve inches.