Where to buy the freshwater puffer fish for sale online?

At present, there are lots of fish breeds and varieties available for sale at online shops for your aquarium fish tank. From among those breeds, spotted puffers which are also known as Tetraodon Nigroviridis are the most colorful fish breed with the different personality. Ultimately, they are poisonous in the wild but not actually in captivity. This is because they get poisonous behavior through the foods they eat in the wild region but will not have such a position when they grow in the home aquarium. If you are a beginner at having a fish tank aquarium at home to grow the fish, it is always better going to the freshwater puffer fish for sale online. 

Significant things to consider:

The following are the most significant things to be considered when you are going to the freshwater puffer fishes from the online or offline shops. They include,

  • Tank setup – When it comes to the puffer fishes, they usually require a tank of at least 30 gallons in size. At the same time, your aquarium must have a huge number of plants for cover. Such spotted puffers require a lot of hiding places to always feel safe and comfortable. For this purpose, you have to buy some hiding accessories for your tank. At the same time, your tank must have some open spaces for free swimming.
  • Feeding – Such kinds of spotted puffer fishes will not eat pellets or flake foods. They always require frozen or live foods. You can feed frozen and alive shrimps and worms. You also have to keep in your mind that puffers require crunchy and hard food in their diets like shellfish or snails because their teeth will not stop growing.
  • Tank mates – These spotted puffer fishes will share the tank with some other fish breeds with the similar care requirements. Not all fish varieties are suitable to be the tank mates with puffers. This is why it is too important to go for the species which are the same like puffer and avoid fishes which will pick on them. 
  • Water conditions – The spotted puffers are also known as freshwater puffers as they mostly require fresh water to swim and live. But the water with some salt in it will not be a problem for these fishes. But full strength seawater is not suitable for them.

Along with these conditions and other aspects, the fish growers should also consider the gravity of the water should be 1.005 which will suit puffers. Similarly, they require the temperature level only between 26 and 30 degree C along with the 7.5 to 8.5 pH level. 

Care for freshwater puffer fish:

When you buy freshwater puffer fish for sale online, you should need to give some additional care for them. There is a list of care sheets available according to their natural habitat and several other aspects. They include,

  • Faces – When it comes to the puffer fishes, they are well known for the ability to pump up their bodies in order to avoid being swallowed by the larger sized fishes like the unique personalities and faces are what attract humans to them. They also lead such things to consider them as the best pet.
  • Natural habitat of a freshwater puffer – Mostly, this fish breed can be found in the river systems as they live in temperate and tropical climates. When you maintain the same thing in your aquarium, you can also grow them in your home.
  • Water requirements – As mentioned above, there are some pH and temperature levels for the water requirements. At the same time, salt should not be added to the aquarium as they will give so many diseases to the puffers. They will give some noticeable disease especially ecto-parasites like oodinium and ich. 
  • Housing requirements – Aquarium is the house of such puffers and it should be properly decorated with the different items and accessories like overhangs, caves, grottos, and more to give hiding and shelter places. Depending on the size of your tank and other things, you can have an appropriate number of species for the safe and comfortable swimming. 
  • Compatibility and behavior – These freshwater puffers could be fin nippers and some of them are predatory and/or aggressive. Some puffer species like redeye, dwarf, and golden puffers can be kept together in the same tank or with some other fast moving fish breeds like danios. Before making this decision, you can consult an aquarium professional and buy the most suitable breed.
  • Eating habits – When considering the smaller species of the freshwater puffers, they have different diets including Aquion tropical flakes, spirulina flakes, color flakes, algae rounds, tropical granules, shrimp pellets, and bottom feeder tablets. The larger species can be fed with Aquion cichlid pellets, frozen foods, and monster fish medley.     

If you consider the breeding level of the freshwater puffers, they are best known to breed in captivity but commercial captive breeding is now becoming too common in home aquariums.