jebao wavemaker review

Jebao Wavemaker Review

Jebao Wavemaker Review – UPDATED 2020 – Best Nano Powerheads 

Jebao Wavemaker is one of the best wavemakers on the market today. Before we dive deeper, it’s important we have a small background of what wavemakers are, what are their benefits, and how you choose the best. 

Wavemakers are  water surging devices used to produce waves in water tanks or aquariums like it happens in seas, lakes, or oceans. The waves ensure water is circulated in the tank or aquarium for a sufficient supply of oxygen to the fish and other animals in the tank or aquarium.

Wavemakers have quite a number of benefits, let’s look at some:

  • Wavemakers enhance natural water flow by producing natural-looking water wave patterns which are very effective in the removal of water surface scums. They are a great compliement to Canister Filters installed in fish tanks.
  • Wavemakers are corals and invertebrates lifesavers. For coral survival variables and consistent flow of water is paramount, with wavemakers, nature is replicated for coral thriving, invertebrates also need water waves for survival.
  • Wavemakers eliminates dead spots in aquariums by ensuring oxygen is evenly distributed in the tank, for salty water conditions, wavemakers prevent the growth of detritus and cyanobacteria

How do you choose the best wavemaker ?

  • Well, the first consideration when you are buying any product, will be the price, does the price meet your budget and does the product on sale at a certain price meet the feature requirements you need for your wavemaker?
  • Installation, easy installation is one of the most important features for any wavemaker, easy installation reduces chances of tampering with your wavemaker and other unwanted risks and mistakes during installation, it should be easy and straightforward, period.
  • Durability, buying genuine and trusted brands like the Jebao wavemaker is one way to get an assurance that your wavemaker will withstand the test of time.
  • Safety, this is one very important aspect of a wavemaker, water and electricity can be dangerous and given the fact that wavemakers will be powered by electricity, always make sure you get a wavemaker with safety certifications and a great reputation,


Jebao Wavemaker Review | Best Nano Powehead

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In our quest to review Jebao wavemaker, it is imperative we look at the different Jebao Wavemaker products.

Jebao Wavemaker OW Series

Jebao wavemaker OW series is one of the newest series, its an update of the  SW, RW and WP wavemakers by Jebao. This wavemaker features low power usage, reliability, safety, and works in fresh and marine water. The series features a controller for that can wireless pump control, a fixed magnetic base for easy installation and maintenance, and optional rotation for wave direction

This series is unrivaled in high performance and powerful water flow while still saving on energy consumption. Its also durable thanks to the wear-proof ceramic shaft. With this wavemaker you will be able to produce different wave patterns thanks to the intelligent controlling systems.


  • Has an improved motor to prevent damages
  • Adjustable flow rate 
  • Master/slave wireless mode
  • 8  flow rates
  • Silent design
  • One-touch feed mode which slows the pump for a period of 10 minutes 
  • Has a Magnet mount for easy installation


Jebao Wavemaker PP Series with Controller

Jebao Wavemaker PP Series wireless, super silent wavemaker features 8 different flow rates of between  1700  and 20000 Litres. The wavemaker features a rubber base on FS Series to Design for an effective 100% smaller sound than Vortech. The wavemaker features a wireless Controller for wireless connection to a master or slave pump. This series is very easy to install and maintain.

The wavemaker has a magnetic bracket night sensor which automatically detects when the tank lights go out and immediately slows the pump. The One-touch feed mode is very effective in slowing the pump for a period of 10 minutes. This is a high performance, powerful wavemaker with low energy consumption.

The ceramic shaft will increase the wavemaker’s life and durability, the intelligent control system will effectively generate wave patterns in your tank or aquarium. The extra-long cable makes it easy and comfortable for placement even on larger tanks. This is one of the best wavemakers, its safe, reliable, low voltage and is suitable for freshwater and saltwater


  • Fresh and saltwater suitability 
  • Easy  to Instal and maintain  
  • Magnetic bracket 
  • Silent design 
  • Night sensor   
  • One-touch feed mode  
  • High performance and powerful
  • Low energy consumption 
  • Ceramic shaft 
  • Durable
  • Low voltage and reliable power supply 
  • Safe
  • 110V 60Hz US plug 


Jebao SW4 Propeller Water Pump Wave Maker with Controller and Magnet Mount


This wavemaker is designed for indoor use only, it effectively simulates natural waves and whirlpools like in the oceans. The wireless multi-mode controller ensures that the adjustments perfectly meet and suit user preferences, it also enables the synchronized operation of several wavemakers. With one main controller you will be able to remotely control the sub-controllers.

Safety is very important for any wavemaker, the low voltage dc electric pump has a variable frequency which is very safe. It is easy to operate with easy flow direction adjustment.


  • Wireless multi-mode controller
  • 500-4000l/h flow rate
  • High performance
  • Powerful
  • Low energy consumption 
  • Quiet operation 
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Can be used in a variety of aquarium sizes
  • Suitable for salt or freshwater 


Jebao CP150 Review

The Crossflow technology on Jebao CP150 is very effective in making sure that flow returns to the pump at 360 degrees without dead spots creating a flow similar to a natural wave. This wavemaker is a very effective inflow rate distribution in the entire aquarium. The unique control system makes it possible to wave off different types and multiple functionalities. The flow rate is 6000 to 7500 GPH.


  • Crossflow technology
  • Creates different types of flow similar to natural wave
  • Evenly distributes flow rate  in the tank
  • Unique control system and multiple functions 
  • Dimension: 12.8″ X 2.6″ X 1.75″
  • 100V-240v 50/60hz 
  • DC 2.7A 55w 
  • 3-prong us plug 
  • 6000 to 7500 GPH


Jebao Vs Vortech

Comparison of Jebao wavemakers and Vortech wavemakers is mostly based on price, quality, looks, flow, ease of programming and very low operating noise. Jebao wavemakers are much expensive compared to Vortech with the quality and features varying in different models of the two brands. When looking at the appearance Vortech is clean and more appealing. Jebao wavemakers are known for their silent design, they produce less noise compared to the Vortech ones. Jebao is known for better and more powerful flow rates compared to Vortech


Our top pick is Jebao Wavemaker which is quite powerful, safe, reliable , consume little power and can work in fresh and marine water.

See Jebao Wavemaker in Action :