do betta fish need light

Do betta fish need light ?

Do Betta fish need light ?

IF you have been wondering, do betta fish need alight?. The answer is yes they do need a light. They come from tropical of Thailand where there is light.Betta fish need 8 to12 hours of light They also need 12 to 16 hours of darkness because,they do not differentiate between daytime and nighttime.Much light without darkness will stress your fish and stimulate them.The fish is usually stressed by too much light or even don’t eat.


The betta cannot tell when to sleep or wake up.Stress in fish also causes serious sickness fish’s immune system becomes weak making it prone to diseases..


For the fish to live a long and healthy life,then provide them with the right number of hours for light and darkness.


Apparently, too much darkness has negative effects to the fish.It makes it lose it’s color if not exposed to light. Everything in the tank must be checked to ensure that they are balanced, that is,the water pH level,the temperature and algae levels are all optimal.


As stated earlier,excess light and excess darkness will highly stress your betta fish .Both regular lighting and darkness must be applied.


The betta just need light regardless of what kind of light it is so long as it’s white light.Their eyes are different from those of humans.They are only able to see the same color spectrum,they are sight predators and that’s is why light is very essential for them.


Betta fish have no eyelids hence sleep while their eyes are wide open.They can not sleep while the light is not off.


They are tropical fish and need a heater set between 78 and 82°F .In Thailand where they originated from,there are wet and dry seasons meaning the length of days are the same yearly.So,these fish have adapted averagely 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness.


Yes,the betta can easily adapt to different lighting although they get hard time due to the constant change of day and night cycles.


Do betta fish like sunlight?


It’s not advisable to put your tank in direct sunlight.The direct sunlight heats up the water when overheating is risky and will end up causing the death of betta.

Direct sunlight too leads to the growth of excess algae which makes the tank water dirty hence requiring frequent cleaning.The betta only survives in a stable environment.


Rather than natural sunlight, artificial lighting can be installed in your tank.


When choosing artificial light,go for the one which does not affect the temperature of the tank.This is a temperature of 74 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit.Any degree higher than this overheats the fish and probably will kill them.


You are not recommended to use incandescent bulbs because they are not effective (ineffective).They behave like mini-sun in that they produce more heat than light.Incandescent are worst for use in small tanks which has the tendency of heating up easily.


Prefer using the LED lights for they do not encourage the growth of algae.The energy produced by the LED lights is efficient and suitable for the colour of the fish..


Fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs are also good choice although they are in available.Fluorescents are useful in aquaculture.


As a fish farmer,you are once more reminded never to forget turning off the tank light at night.Neither excess light nor excess darkness is good to your fish.


What should you consider when buying lights for your betta fish?


It should have an artificial light source.This is light from the sun with more control during the daytime and nighttime cycles.The artificial light should have low chances of overheating.


Yet you may consider LED bulbs ,do not give them much preference. Although they are economical and produce more light, they cannot heat water under your tank.It is better to let your fluorescent light bulbs to be your next priority.Always assume the incandescent bulbs.


Take note of any changes in the behavior of the fish.The tank light might be causing problems like overstimulating your betta fish.


An automatic timer should be preferred for use in control,to turn the tank light on and off.


Let’s see if the betta fish can see in the dark room


Before reaching out to the resolution whether a betta fish can see in the dark habitat or light is compulsory for clear eyesight,the nature of the betta shows that,the fish is usually vibrant and playful.

  • They can swim and feed during the day when there is a presence of light.
  • As soon as the lights are turned off,they automatically sleep since they are inactive.
  • After a tiresome and playful day,the betta’s sleepiness is one way of resting.
  • Even if you decide to keep your fish in a dark room,ensure that you provide ideal lighting.A minimum of 8 to 10 hours daily is suitable
  • The vision of the betta in the darkness is very poor.The iris of the betta reacts slowly giving it hard time to adjust their eyes quickly neither in the darkness nor in the light.Light is essential to boost the vision of the fish.
  • The lateral fin of the fish has been made to extent sideways with smaller holes.These holes are effective since they help to compensate  for the poor vision of the fish in darkness.The lateral lines are also useful in determining the water pressure.
  • Simply because the betta has poor vision,this doesn’t mean that I it is easy to catch them during such hours.They have got strong potential to sense a predator and strange objects moving around them.
  • The betta has partial eyesight at night but you can not fully realise their beauty.They are only contented with resting at night when the environment is calm.
  • To prove that the betta can partially see at night,they usually look for shades to rest.On looking on them at night,they appear pale.
  • The betta fish has got no eyelids.They sleep with wide open eyes.This doesn’t mean that their eyesight is clear in the darkness.


Differences between a sleeping and a dead betta


A sleeping betta can either float on top of the tank or lay at the bottom so do a dead betta too.


How can you identify a dead betta?

  1. The fish may be sleeping and shortly remains at the bottom of the tank or in his hiding spot for several days.Such a betta is automatically dead.
  2. The color of a dead betta becomes seemingly unusual
  3. The betta also doesn’t show amy desire for food
  4. The eyes seems big and protruding as if they are being removed
  5. Dead betta too portrays ragged and unhealthy fins which do not spread
  6. The scales of a dead betta raises pointing outwards the body and his belly swells too
  7. The fins loses colour,white spots appear around the body making it look shiny.


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